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Includes coverage on the home page as well as on heavily accessed pages.

  • Footer on Home Page (600 x 90 pixels):
    12mo 6mo 3mo 1mo
    $65/mo $75/mo $87/mo $90/mo


  • Button on Home Page (120 x up to 240 pixels):
    12mo 6mo 3mo 1mo
    $80/mo $110/mo $140/mo $170/mo


  • Skyscraper (120 x 600 pixels):
    12mo 6mo 3mo 1mo
    $50/mo $57/mo $65/mo $75/mo
    Skyscraper cannot be placed on home page.  See CT Resources page as an example of this ad type.

Inside Page Banners
An opportunity to be the exclusive advertiser on any inside page per position

  • Skyscraper: $40/month
  • Full Banner: $30/month
  • Button: $35/month


  • GIF, JPG, or SWF format
  • Maximum file size: 25K banner, 8K button
  • Text alternative: 40 characters maximum

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  • Average page views per visitor: 6.61 pages/visit
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