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Failure to Consider Injury

Examples of this error:


  • "I don't know why they are making a big deal about it. They got their car back."
  • "My fiancée is so upset. She acts like she was the one who got arrested, not me. It's crazy."
  • "So I didn't show up for work, they can't arrest me for that."


On a separate sheet of paper, create your own "Ripple Effect." 

A. At the center of each circle put the crime or irresponsible action (ex. lying). 
B. The first ring is the effect on yourself and the victim. (write out what the effect is) 
C. The second ring is the effect on your family and the victim's family. (write it out) 
D. The next ring is the effect on neighbors, schools, friends and community. 
E. Finally, add the quality of life.


This worksheet was developed for the Thinking Error Worksheet Manual.  Please request permission before printing or reproducing the worksheet. A PDF version of this worksheet is available for:


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