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Views Self as a Good Person

Examples of this error:


"In spite of my six arrests, I am basically a good person. I don't commit crimes all the time."

"There's nothing wrong with me. All I did was sell a little dope."

"I'm not a bad mother/father. My kids have never lived on the streets."


A. Make a balance sheet of your life. On one side list the good things you have done. On the other, list the harm you have caused. Think about the whole picture. 

    1. The good I have done----------------2. The harm I have caused 
        (List 15 examples each)

B. Remember, you need to: 
    1. Realize you are not arrested for the good things you do. 
    2. Make a balance sheet of the good you do and the harm you cause. 
    3. Make a moral inventory of your conscience every day.


 This worksheet was developed for the Thinking Error Worksheet Manual.  Please request permission before printing or reproducing the worksheet. A PDF version of this worksheet is available for:


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