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Examples of the error:


  • "That woman is the real criminal. She's forcing me to pay her back $50 for the ring I took, and it's only worth about $25."
  • "I wouldn't be this way if my father didn't drink."
  • "I broke in because I needed the money. People have got to expect that when they pay us so little."


A. Think about friends or neighbors who had it tough, but who decided to lead a straight life. 
     (Please list 4 examples under these three headings.) 
First Name What Was Tough What Did They Decide To Do?

B. What are the excuses you try and make for yourself?  Please list 6 examples 






(Remember life is NOT fair. It's hard. Some people have it tougher than others, but you can always find someone who has it worse than you, AND decided to make it. It's your CHOICE.)


This worksheet was developed for the Thinking Error Worksheet Manual.  Please request permission before printing or reproducing the worksheet. A PDF version of this worksheet is available for:


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