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A. Introduction


This victim awareness module was created with a number of goals in mind:

  • To facilitate thinking change.
  • To help clients become aware of how they victimize others which reduces the false view of themselves as good people.
  • To increase the self-disgust of clients thereby facilitating the desire and motivation for change.
  • To assist change agents in facilitating the cognitive group process.

The scope of the victim awareness module is specific, but adaptable.

  • The module was created with community based programming in mind.
  • Open-ended groups are suggested, but closed groups could also be conducted.
  • A group size of 8 to 12 members is recommended, but groups up to 20 could be facilitated with the module.
  • The module is designed to stand alone, but it is suggested that it be used as a compliment to programs with a Corrective Thinking, Domestic Violence, AODA and Cognitive focus.
  • Adult male or female offenders, batterers and/or drug abusers with at least a 5th grade reading and writing level is the intended focus group.

The module is based on a cognitive approach to therapy and utilizes the theory and principles developed by Stanton Samenow and Yochelson. The practical application of these principles has been developed by Hazelden in their Design For Living curricula and by Truthought Seminars. It is suggested that facilitators purchase curricula and/or attend cognitive training events offered by Truthought or Hazelden to become familiar with basic principles and practice of the corrective thinking approach to the change process. It is assumed that all group participants are offenders, batterers and/or drug abusers.

This module is designed to develop the cognitive skills of participants. Most of the groups in this module focus on developing the reasoning process of clients. When we ask clients to stop and think of who is hurt as a result of their actions, we are helping to interfere in the distorted thinking that allows continued victimization.

The approach in this module is one of self-discovery and not belittling or blaming. However, the group exercises are very specific and directive. Efforts should be made to keep the groups on task and not be manipulated by tactics used for diversion.

The victim awareness module is composed of two basic types of groups. One type focuses on victimization and the other on change. Victimization is identified through the use of Ripple Effect Charts and Victim Lists. Change is facilitated by learning and practicing deterrents to distorted or harmful thinking.

The complete Victim Awareness Module is available in PDF format for a fee.


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