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D. Group 1: Ripple Effect Practice

1. To understand the group purpose
2. To learn how the ripple effect works

Chalk/Grease Board, Group Description T-1, Crime Creed T-2, Owning Your Program T-4, Code of Conduct T-5

The Ripple Effect H-1, The Ripple Effect Practice Chart H-2


1. Read the Code of Conduct, Group Description and Owning Your Program tools.

2. Ask the group, "Why do you think this group is being offered" and/or "What do you think is the purpose of this group?" Write their answers on the board. Also ask group members to take notes on what is being written on the board. Encourage all responses.

3. Next, ask the group " How do you think this type of group will be helpful?" Write their answers on the board.

4. Hand out The Ripple Effect sheets to each group member.

5. Explain to the group how a stone thrown in a pond creates a ripple effect long after the stone reaches the bottom. Ask the group "Can anyone give me an example of a ripple effect from a person’s action?" Encourage positive and negative examples.

6. Draw a Ripple Effect Triangle on the board and in the top space write 'battery'. Ask the group "What is the effect of battery on the victim?" Include physical, emotional, financial and psychological effects. Then ask "What is the effect of battery on the victimizer?" Include physical, emotional, financial and psychological effects. Continue this process until the victim’s family, community and friends and criminal’s family are discussed.

State to the group that "most people do not think of the harm they cause when using drugs or committing crimes. When you involve yourself in the process of understanding the experience of your victims, you will be better able to deter yourself from new crimes and drug usage."

7. Ask the group to stand and recite the Crime Creed. One of the group members should lead the recitation.


1. Pass out The Ripple Effect Practice Chart and ask clients to write out the ripple effect of their last drug usage, battery or crime.
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