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Criminal Thinking Tactics

1. You will continually point out staff inadequacies.

2. Building yourself up by putting others down.

3. Telling others what they want to hear and not what is truth.

4. Lying - by omission, by distorting the truth and by disclosing only what benefits him/her.

5. Vagueness. "Someone", "I will think about it", "Maybe", "If I feel like it."

6. Diverts attention away from self. Introduces irrelevant material.  Invokes racial issues.

7. Attempting to confuse others.

8. Minimizes the situation. "I just got into a little trouble."

9. Agree or say "yes" without really meaning it.

10. Silence.

11. Paying attention only to what suits you.

12. Make a big scene about a minor point.

13. Putting off doing something by saying "I forgot."

14. Putting others on the defensive. The tactics such as degrading,  quibbling over words, trying to embarrass, using anger as a weapon.

15. Total inattention.

16. Accusing others of misunderstanding.

17. Claiming that you have changed because you did it right once.


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