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Criminal Pride

Examples of this error:
•    It's against my principles to give in.
•    What right did he have to question me about why I was there
•    I'm not going to let him think that I'm weak. No one puts me down

1.    List the responsible things about yourself that you can feel proud

a.    ____________________________________________________________________

2.    On what issues do you not 'give in'? List 5

i.    ____________________________________________________________________
ii.    ____________________________________________________________________
iii.    ____________________________________________________________________
iv.    ____________________________________________________________________
v.    ____________________________________________________________________

3.    Write about time you were overly sensitive to an appropriate challenge. What was it? What was your first reaction?

a.    __________________________________________________________________

4.    Using the corrections what could have said to yourself and what could you have done differently?
a.    __________________________________________________________________

This worksheet was developed for the Thinking Error Worksheet Manual.  Please request permission before printing or reproducing the worksheet. A PDF version of this worksheet is available for:


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