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L. Thinking Fragmented

Criminal thinkers are well known for the inconsistency of their behavior. Sentimental thoughts tend to readily dissipate in the course of irresponsible activity, and moments of disappointment or anger often lead to a total abandonment of previously expressed motives for positive change. At such times, it's no surprise to hear statements along the lines of "I don't care; if it's going to be like this, just send me back to prison!"

A criminal may waver between a vision of themselves as either a unique and higher order of human being, or as a total failure; this individual bases their self-perception on the immediate outcome of their efforts to dominate the world and others around them. With such extremes in play, there remains little room for mental flexibility.

In order to achieve freedom from this fragmented mindset, the development of a goal-oriented perspective is key. With the decision to reject the option of further crime - or, alternatively, suicide - the criminal thinker begins a process of positive change. Integral to this process is the development of a responsible value system, providing the means with which to avoid relying entirely on feelings when making choices.

As one might expect, a personal investment in change through responsible function is a potent deterrent against fragmentation: where irresponsible thinking once seemed most appealing, the changing criminal will be less and less willing to risk a corrosion of progress.
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