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If you need an inspirational quote or graphic for your therapy group, criminal thinking program, PowerPoint presentation, slide deck or slideshare feel free to use one or more of these free of charge! We just ask that you don't alter the image in any way. Just click the image to see a larger version and then save it to your computer.


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 Olympic Effort to change thinking
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don't believe everything you think

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Do Not Conform

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Stop and think of who get's hurt

You can't do right with a wrong mind
ABC Examine your conscious
Tell the Truth Sex for power and control
Lies of omission are still lies Closed Thinking
Every new day is a change to change your thinking Lack of Effort: Unwilling to do anything boring or disagreeable
Plan ahead, think ahead, make another choice  Criminal Thinking Change
I can't means I won't  Do what ever it takes to remain drug and crime free
Denial is not a river in Egypt Self Disgust Facilitates Change
Act as if you want to change and eventually you will crime hurts people
keeping it real doesn't mean victimizing others consider the ripple effect
Seek first to understand, then to be understood stop and think who gets hurt
Denial is not a river in Egypt I can't means I won't
You are not a victim Do whatever it takes

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